1.Fear to open your heart with him.
You need someone to listen you. Share your heart openly with someone but hold on when you stars feeling your partner is not the one in front of whom you can stay crystal clear then it’s a indication your are sharing a wrong love bonding.


2.He doesn’t give you space
Loving your partner and expressing it makes the relation strong but when you starts imposing your rules to your partner then relationship becomes suffocation. And it’s the time you starts loosing your loved once.

3.You dont shares the same hobbies
Usually their is a great theory behind love science “Opposite attracts” but it’s fake. You can drink coffee for someone for sometime when you are crazy of tea. At the end you will land up with your more passionate interest. Which leads the differences in love.[appear]

4.He Never Being Committed
Sometime most beautiful relation starts drowning because of no commitment. Every partner desires assurance of their future. But sometime your lover never makes commitment.

5.He is too Selfish
When your partner desires you every time to be available for his need but when it comes to you his hide and seek talent comes in catch or your eyeball. Then start consoling your heart and mind “You loves wrong MAN”.