Why should we hire agency instead of in-house?

It is better to let the professional handle it. You and your staff are experts at what you do and we are the experts of digital marketing. The primary benefit of using a digital marketing agency is experience and resources. A digital marketing agency like digitalExact has access to knowledge and resources that you may not. Call us for a free evaluation.

Can I Integrate My Social Media Accounts with My Website??


Social Media integration is included with our packages. This allows you to easily and conveniently share your content across multiple channels.

How long Will My Website Take To Complete??

This depends on many factors and will be addressed with you after we have determined the scope of the project. We will provide a project time line and make sure that we get your approval on all stages of the project before we start working. This will allow us to address any concerns regarding time frame during this meeting. Depending on the requirements, a complete website project can range from less than one month to two months. See your website design project best practices to see our process.